About Piranha Pictures

At Piranha Pictures, neither technology nor facilities limit our thinking.
Whatever our clients can imagine, we can find a way to make it happen.

About The Founders

Rob Zimmerman Company Founder/Executive Producer
Company founder Rob Zimmerman opened the doors of Piranha Pictures with his wife, Tracy, in 1994. After more than 12 years in advertising & production in California, Oregon and Alabama, Zimmerman became frustrated with the business practices of the local production operations and opted to create a company that would tailor services to meet the needs of individual clients. This philosophy, and a number of alliances with some of the country's best producers, directors, camera operators and production facilities, led to the creation of Piranha Pictures, a "virtual" production company applies just in time manufacturing principles to the business of film and video production.

Tracy Zimmerman Accounting
Tracy currently resides in Nashville with her husband, Rob and their family. She is responsible for the business and administrative operations of Piranha Pictures.


"What you want is for Rob to be on the job. As soon as you realize that Rob is handling your production, your blood pressure goes way down because you know three things: 1. The job is going to be done well. 2. The job is going to be done on time and in budget without him getting that warning tone in his voice that producers get when you start asking for things you hadn't realized you needed when you started but now you realize you need. Rob makes all of that a non-issue. 3. The job is going to be a pleasure. Robin is a smoother so this move, and a great guy to have your corner."

Charlie Hopper
Creative Director
Young and Laramore.